Fredag 1. april 2022

Longship Fund II invests in marine insurer HYDOR AS

Longship Fund II (“Longship”) will as of April 1st, 2022, own 57.12% of the shares in Hydor AS, after a combination of share purchase from the two founders, Johan Gjernes and Morten Skomsøy, and injection of new capital for further growth.
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Tirsdag 13. juli 2021

Longship divests Ecura to management and Karbon Invest

Longship Fund I (“Longship”) has as of July 11th, 2021, entered into an agreement to divest 100% of its shares in Ecura Holding AS and its subsidiaries (“Ecura”) to Ecura management and Karbon Invest AS (“Karbon”). The management team and key employees will take a leading role in the continued development of the company, backed by Karbon.
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Tirsdag 6. juli 2021

Summa Equity and Longship join forces in landbased fish farming

Longship brings Summa Equity on board as an investor in Nofitech, a leading turn-key supplier of recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), to support growth opportunities in land-based fish farming.
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Mandag 28. juni 2021

Longship invests in The Cloud People

Longship Fund II (“Longship”) has as of June 23rd, 2021 entered into an agreement with the shareholders of The Cloud People AS (“TCP”) to invest growth capital into the company. Following the acquisition, Longship will own the majority of the shares, and the management team and key employees will hold the remaining shares. As of June 25th, Swedish Verano SpringStep was confirmed as the first add-on acquisition.
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