Sunday 28. August 2022 / Marie Brun Svendsen

Health technology that saves society large sums

Injuries from falling among the elderly population put a strain on the healthcare system and the economy every single year. RoomMate, a supreme fall detection system developed by the Norwegian company Sensio, will increase the safety for patients, relatives, and health personnel.

A single fall that leads to a hip fracture costs the society an average of one million Norwegian kroner. Such accidents can be difficult to avoid, whether they happen at home or in hospital. However, the use of technology can increase safety and reduce the risk of accidents. The hospital in Levanger is already experiencing solid success with this product.

“We have not had a single fall since we adopted RoomMate. Despite some minor fixes along the way, which have mostly been down to user errors and misconceptions, the hospital night shifts are satisfied with the product. They report that the system is easy to learn and that being on duty is now less stressful”, says Ingrid Aukrust, project leader at the Levanger Hospital.

RoomMate uses advanced radar technology to determine if a patient is getting out of bed or is wandering around. Such situations are often the precursor to falls. Early warnings give healthcare personnel the opportunity to prevent accidents.

“The night shift personnel are given more time to observe changes in those with acute conditions, while those who should sleep uninterrupted will now be able to do so. This means that more patients recover more quickly and have a shorter stay. In other words, money saved”, says Aukrust.

The Norwegian company Sensio is behind this ground-breaking technology solution. Sensio is the market leader in welfare technology in Norway and is owned by Longship. There is great interest in the product.

“We have big ambitions for RoomMate after a period of fantastic sales growth, where Sweden represents a significant part. We are now fully engaged in planning further expansion in other European markets”, says Johan Anstensrud, CEO of Sensio.

Sensio currently supplies software and hardware to the health care sector, where RoomMate is one of the products in the portfolio. Kai Jordahl, partner in Longship, has great faith in the company’s international prospects.

“Sensio has a fantastic starting point to become a significant player in the health technology sector in Europe. RoomMate is one of the solutions that really makes a difference for people, both for patients, relatives, and health personnel. We look forward to the journey ahead with Sensio”.