About us

Our Approach
There are numerous Norwegian companies that deserve to grow and should be given the opportunities to develop faster. These companies will secure profitable employment for future generations and create a more sustainable society.

Norwegian growth companies need:

  • Ambitious and dedicated owners with extensive experience in supporting and developing high-potential companies.
  • Owners who contribute with significant resources such as capital, experience, and network.
  • Owners who dare to challenge and find solutions.
  • Owners who support management in building robust organizations – ready to deliver on expectations from employees, customers, and the society, today and in the future.
  • Owners who see the bigger picture and understand that the key to long-term prosperity is to grow the pie so that key stakeholders also benefit from the value created.

Longship is such an owner:

  • Norwegian-based private equity investor with a long-term, dedicated focus on Norwegian small and medium-sized growth companies.
  • Specialists in identifying great companies with the potential to grow and develop, ultimately becoming highly valuable to society.
  • We are at our best when we act as active owners of companies that both we and employees can be proud of.

Experienced and unbureaucratic

We have a highly competent and diverse team representing all parts of Norway. We apply our extensive experience to realise your growth potential. Those who work closely with us, describe us as unbureaucratic, direct and action-oriented. We are a partner to count on in both highs and lows. We are ambitious and not afraid of hard work. In collaboration with ambitious owners, managers, and employees, we have contributed to the growth and development of a number of highly successful companies.

Setting the pace
A result of the journey has been a high return on capital. Not only to pension funds and investors who contribute to our funds, but also to the founders, employees, and local communities, of which the companies we own are part of. With Longship on board, a clear direction is set and speed is accelerated. Together we realise the growth potential and create future employment and business opportunities in all parts of Norway.

Our involvement builds on:

Dedicated support