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Saturday 25. March 2023

Groundbreaking contracts for hydrogen-powered vessels

SEAM, a company providing zero- and low-emission solutions for the maritime sector, plays an important role as Norway´s longest ferry route gets hydrogen propulsion and as the world´s first ammonia-powered tugboat is developed.
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Sunday 30. October 2022

Created an undisputed market leader

Garda Sikring has secured society and values for over a hundred years. With Longship as an owner, the company has taken an undisputed position as a market leader in Norway and Finland. It is now planning for further expansion in Europe.
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Wednesday 14. September 2022

Building a leading player in Norway’s future industry

Norwegian Travel has become one of the leading players in Norwegian experience-based tourism in record time. The Longship-owned travel operator will be a one-stop-shop for tourists who want to experience the best of Norway.
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Saturday 10. September 2022

A Norwegian pioneer ready for the international stage

SEAM, a leading supplier of hybrid, hydrogen and fully electric propulsion systems for the maritime sector, has built an impressive customer and project portfolio in Norway within a few years. With Longship as majority owner, the ambitions are towards the international markets.
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