A holistic approach
We are specialists in identifying companies with the potential to grow and develop, ultimately becoming highly valuable to society. These are companies that will secure profitable jobs for future generations and create a more sustainable society.

Expectations from authorities, employees and consumers are evolving. They are increasingly demanding that companies contribute to achieve climate commitments, create good and safe workplaces, as well as deliver goods and services that are produced in an ethical and responsible manner.

The long-term winners are companies that have a holistic approach to how they impact stakeholders and its surroundings. Such companies are more robust and will generate higher long-term value with less risk.

Longship apply a holistic approach to sustainability, ESG and value creation for stakeholders. We have developed a methodology, which provides a solid framework and tools to systematically measure and create value for stakeholders. This is implemented with a pragmatic approach and customized to the size and maturity level of each company. This is how we contribute to increased value creation, not only for owners, but also for customers, employees, and the society.

This is how we develop businesses for the future.

Membership and ESG policy

We are members of UNPRI. UNPRI is a network of investors working to promote sustainable investments.


We are members of the Norwegian Venture Capital Association (NVCA). NVCA is an interest organisation for the active owner funds in Norway, from seed funds to venture and buyout funds.


Read more about our ESG policy here

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