What we seek

What we seek
We have a long-term and dedicated focus on small and medium-sized companies with strong growth potential, nationally and internationally.

We seek profitable companies that typically have sales of NOK 100-750 million, which can develop into valuable companies for society and investors.

Longship seeks majority ownership stakes and is pleased to co-invest with previous owners, management, or employees.

Companies we can be proud to own:

Norwegian small and medium-sized companies
Companies in attractive and growing industry segments
Companies with clear competitive advantage
Sustainable companies that serve real needs
Building businesses for the future
Longship is targeting opportunities to accelerate growth. Our companies deserve to grow by serving real needs for the future. We support companies we are proud of, and where our team can contribute with experience and competence. We believe the following areas are examples of sectors where such companies can be found:
Technology and solutions
Service concepts and solutions offering improved quality, efficiency, and productivity, often by innovative use of technology.
Quality of life
Services and successful concepts addressing quality of life and the growing demand for recreation, travel, sports, wellbeing, and entertainment.
Services, technology, and solutions supporting sustainability, in sectors like food production, fish farming, waste and water treatment, and energy.
Health care
High quality operators providing services and solutions to the growing demand for welfare, e.g. within health, education, and health care services.