Garda Sikring

Garda Sikring has grown to be the largest player within area and road safety solutions. The Group consists of more than ten offices across the country. For more than a century, it has secured property, assets and people. In total, Garda Sikring has more than 300 skilled employees, from Steigen in the north to Kristiansand in the south of Norway.

The company offers complete solutions within all areas from mobile to permanent safety solutions. This involves everything from securing critical infrastructure and important defence facilities to private properties and local sports centre. In recent years, there have also been significant investments in digitalisation and technological solutions.

With Garda Sikring´s size, technology platform and competence it is in position for large, important tasks in the society 

Back in 2017, Longship acted as a catalyst for the merge of six smaller regional safety solutions companies to create Garda Sikring. Since then, the company has had an annual growth of 8-10 percent, partly by delivering a bold acquisition strategy. Now the company has ambitions to secure the rest of the Nordics.

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