About us

This is Longship

bulletLongship is a private equity investor targeting medium sized growth companies in Norway.

Longship is partnering with owners and high calibre management teams in growth businesses. We support our companies with financial resources and experience, in order to accelerate growth and realize their full potential.

We like complex and challenging opportunities, and always try to look beyond the obvious to understand the uniqueness of a particular business. Longship believes that partnering with management, who are as ambitious as we are, is essential to unlock the full potential of any company.

Longship AS is advising Longship Fund I General Partner Ltd (Guernsey).

We are entrepreneurs, with a passion for great companies

Our ambition
  • Deliver consistent, high investment return
  • Support great companies we can be proud of
  • Attract outstanding talent
  • Share success with all stakeholders
  • Act responsibly
How we operate
  • People first
  • Hands-on and involved
  • Growth, growth, growth
  • Few investments and do them well
  • Independent thinking
  • Always improve
  • Courage to lead
How we act & behave
  • Integrity, fairness and decency
  • Inclusive and accessible
  • Team-based, no ego or arrogance
  • Decisive and accountable
  • Positive attitude
  • We have fun
Picture Longship


Longships were invented and used by the Norsemen for trade, commerce, exploration, and warfare during the Viking Age. They were designed for speed and agility, and to travel unexplored waters. The ships were perhaps the greatest technical and artistic achievement during its time.

The particular skills and methods employed in making longships are still used worldwide.